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Laminate & LVT Floor Care

Recommendations After Your Laminate or LVT Project is Complete:
  • Please allow 12 hours before walking on the floor to allow time for the adhesive to completely dry.

  • Remove all loose debris from the floor by using a soft sweeping brush or dust mop.

  • Ensure that all traces of adhesive are removed from the surface by spot cleaning with the recommended Routine Cleaner.

  • After recommended wait time, damp mop with the recommended cleaner (dilute as applicable) or a PH neutral cleaner
    and leave to dry.

Preventive Maintenance / Carpet Cleaning Tips:
  • Remove all loose debris from the floor by using a soft sweeping brush or dust mop.

  • Damp mop with the recommended cleaner (dilute as applicable).  Do not use household cleaners, bleach or dish detergent on the floor for general cleaning unless they are specified for floors as they can often leave an oily residue which could make the floor slippery and lead to potential hazards.

  • Mop up spills as soon as possible to prevent spots becoming stains.  Stubborn stains may be removed by spot cleaning with the recommended cleaner or basic stripper.

  • Use quality, non-rubber backed entrance mats to protect against grit and other substances from scratching the floor. Ensure they are cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness.

Product Expectations:
  • All hard floors can be slippery when wet.  Take extra care when cleaning and ensure the floor area is allowed to dry completely before use.

  • Sliding or dragging furniture across floor can result in permanent damage. Use load bearing castors to protect against indentation from heavy items.

  • As with all resilient floor coverings, prevent man-made rubber or latex material from coming into contact with the floor.  Permanent discoloration of the floor can occur as a result.

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